Critical equipment, like Man Rider Personnel winches and Blowout Preventer (BOP) Handling Systems are critical to your customer's operation. The Encompass program is designed to prolong the life of this equipment and ensure it runs safely. Our network of highly-trained service providers handle start-up assistance to ensure equipment is installed correctly, and guide you through ongoing inspection, maintenance and overhaul of hoists and winches, significantly extending the life of your equipment. In addition to extending warranty, your customer will benefit from reduced costs related to unplanned repairs and improved productivity.



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How does it work?

We will bring your lifting equipment back to life with a full-unit overhaul. Upon completion, your equipment is warranted for a full year, and includes a certificate of work and authorized overhaul nameplate.

  • Operational assessment
  • Full disassembly
  • Detailed inspection of components integrity
  • Replacement of wear items and damaged parts
  • Reassembly and painting
  • Operational and load testing
  • Test certificate, “Certified” nameplate installation

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What do you get?

  • 1-year Ingersoll Rand global warranty supported by global authorized service network
  • Ingersoll Rand Certification documentation and Certificate of Conformance
  • Assurance the unit was serviced according to Ingersoll Rand specifications
  • Increased safety means minimized liability exposure

Through our Encompass Service Program, Ingersoll Rand Authorized Service Distributors make it easy to keep equipment running at peak performance, extending equipment life and reducing safety risks.

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What are the benefits?

SAFETY: Less probability of equipment failure that could cause injury

COST SAVINGS: Reduce unanticipated or urgent repairs resulting from reactive maintenance policies

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY: Increase equipment utilization, improve performance and reduce downtime

PROLONGED INVESTMENT LIFE: Extend critical component life and reduce catastrophic equipment failure

PEACE OF MIND: Technicians from our authorized network have been trained to perform repairs to Ingersoll Rand Standards

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