When it comes to getting the toughest jobs done, professionals around the world choose our tools specifically designed to meet safety regulations for working in dangerous atmospheres. From petrochemical refineries to plastic manufacturers, Ingersoll Rand offers safe and productive solutions to meet the demands of our customers, because making tools that can’t work where our customers work is not an option.

Our ATEX-certified impact wrenches and drills includes seven heavy-duty pneumatic tools for use in hazardous atmospheres. These ergonomically optimized tools are built with premium components to stand up to harsh environments and reduce the risk of sparks. These tools carry ATEX Ex h IIA T6 Gb X and ISO 80079-36 certification rating.

Hazardous Oil Rig ceications and regulations

The ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) Directive 2014/34/EU¹ is the European Regulatory Framework for the manufacture, installation and use of equipment in explosive atmospheres. It defines the essential health and safety requirements for equipment and protective systems.

International Standard Organization 80079-362 specifies requirements for design and manufacture of non-electrical mechanical equipment intended for use explosive atmospheres.

To learn more about the ATEX standard, visit the following pages:

Explosive atmospheres in the workplace

Equipment and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres

Adaptable to Your Application

Our line of hazardous duty impact tools and drills are built to perform in the harshest environments including oil refineries, shipping and other areas where hazardous atmospheres can occur. Our broad portfolio of ATEX certified tools will get the job done-by reducing risk of arcs or sparks.

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